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Gonsalves warns police officers about playing politics in an election year

Gonsalves warns police officers about playing politics in an election year
Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves (FP)


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has a piece of advice for policemen and women “playing politics” in an election year.

“I want to advise them, I am keeping an eagle eye on what is happening and when I’m ready, in the appropriate circumstances to act, I will act. I warning, or a piece of advise to the wise should be sufficient,” Gonsalves said during the Unity Labour Party (ULP) North Leeward constituency conference on Sunday.

The Prime Minister, who returned to St Vincent and the Grenadines on Saturday night, said it was drawn to his attention that “that one or two policemen and women here and there want, in an election year, to play politics with how they are addressing the liberalisation of marijuana which the government has established as a policy.”

His comments are connected to the destruction of a marijuana farm by police officers on January 14 at Richmond Vale in the North Leeward constituency.

“I want to remind them too that I am not afraid of anything or anybody because I am a soldier with experience and I believe in the redemptive power of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” Gonsalves said.

Junior ‘Spirit’ Cottle, the president of the Cannabis Revival Committee (CRC) also believes that the destruction of the marijuana farm was driven by political motive.

And yesterday, he told SEARCHLIGHT: “That community is a politically charged community so the message I want to get out to the authorities is, leave traditional growers out of their political war, don’t try use us as a pawn”. (please also see page 16)