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Digicel Shake It To Win – A Favourite with Customers

Digicel Shake It To Win – A Favourite with Customers
Shake To Win $1,000 Cash Call Winner Brenda Veira


The “Shake to Win Christmas Promotion” resounded as a favourite among Digicel customers with over 30,000 Vincentians winning and benefiting.

The “Shake to Win Christmas Promotion” which lasted from Friday, November 22 to December 31, 2019 offered Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers the chance to win daily and weekly prizes by simply “shaking their phone”. This was made possible through the ‘Shake It’ gaming mechanism in the My Digicel App.

Digicel Shake It To Win - A Favourite with Customers
$2,000 Shake To Win Cash Call Winner Zel Charles

With thousands of winners to date, winning customers are still living in the moment and when given the opportunity, each winner has a story to tell. Each experience is a record of the success of the ‘Shake to Win Christmas Promotion’, with many calling it a sure favourite. All with the aim to involve and please its customers, Digicel is extremely happy about the resounding achievement of that goal in 2019. Participants eagerly tell their stories.

Grand Prize winner, Officer Cut-bert Morris, who won a 50” Samsung smart television and a family package of four Samsung A10 smartphones with one year of full service for four family members, was adamant that it is always a good feeling to win.

“Actually, when I put on the 7-day plan and I was informed that I had qualified for the Shake To Win campaign,” he said, “I pressed and it came up and said that I won the Samsung TV, the four phones and the plan for the four family members for year.” He said he thought it was a prank and after being at a loss for words, his excitement was overwhelming when he realized it was real. He continued with, “To be a part of Digicel is great. I have been a customer from Day One to today, and winning this Grand Prize makes me feel really excited and good.”

Likewise, double-winner Jamie Morris’ who won a 50” Samsung smart TV and $1,000, could hardly contain his excitement. He proffered, “You know, a whole $1,000 just like that! Digicel giving back!” His Christmas experience was greatly enhanced with his wins.

Similarly, $1,000 winner Brenda Veira, was happy to share that, “When I found out that I won I was literally shaking! My winning was like a prayer answered because I was dead broke!”

Digicel Shake It To Win - A Favourite with Customers
Shake To Win Grand Prize Winner Police Officer Cut-bert Morris

Veira thought that it was really good to have Digicel actually giving something to her. “I never, ever, ever won anything, ever,” she remarked convincingly.

Zel Charles won $2,000. When considering her good fortune, she gave Digicel a great thumbs-up when she said, “I felt good that Digicel was able to give back cash. It is really us the customers who really keep the company afloat and make it possible for it be profitable so it is good that customers were able to share in the profit of the company. Thanks Digicel!”

If one were to poll other winners in the Digicel ‘Shake to Win Christmas Promotion’ about the impact it had on their 2019 Christmas experience, the responses would be similar to those outlined.

Already, patrons are looking forward to seeing what Digicel will pull out of the bag in 2020 having announced it will continue its Shake to Win Promotion into January. This is geared at giving customers the opportunity to Shake in the MyDigicel app and win every Saturday and the continuation of its radio Cash Call giving customers the opportunity to win $500 daily, every hour on the hour when customers answer their phones, “Shake To Win with Digicel.”

Digicel promises that all its promotions for 2020 will be innovative, exciting and open to all its customers.