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SVG Rapid Relief Team feeds less privileged persons

SVG Rapid Relief Team feeds less privileged persons
Grateful members of the public receive free meals from RRT on Saturday the 16th of November


The St Vincent branch of the global Rapid Relief Team (RRT) provided free meals for about 100 less privileged persons in Kingstown on Saturday, November 16.

According to Chester Morren, a representative for RRT St Vincent, the RRT is a not-for-profit organization, established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. It is set up and run by a team of volunteers who donate their time to support community services and other charitable activities for the benefit of local communities.

SVG Rapid Relief Team feeds less privileged persons
A grateful member of the public receives a free meal from Chester Morren Nov 2019

“It is an opportunity for the PBCC to display Christian principles of care and compassion through benevolent relief to persons in need. Typically the RRT has provided catering and logistics support to emergency crews during natural disasters and major accidents. However, we also support a range of charities that help the homeless and other disadvantaged persons in the community. The RRT is manned by volunteers who are mostly drawn from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church,” Morren said.

“What we always find incredible is the way the whole community comes together in times of need. We are just a small part of that overall effort. We are constantly amazed at the fantastic work the emergency services and other charities do and are so glad to be able to support them in some way. Our members are part of this community, we live here, work here and shop here and many of us run small businesses in the area. Whatever happens around here affects us all so we are glad to do what we can to get in and help when it’s needed. RRT is ready to mobilize quickly to assist in emergencies and support where they can.”

Any donations to assist with this worthy cause can be made through RRT’s website All donations are used 100% for charity relief as all labour is donated by volunteers who come from all walks of life and are glad to give of their time to help and assist those in need.