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US Embargo against Cuba overwhelmingly rejected

US Embargo against Cuba overwhelmingly rejected


The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) on Thursday, November 7 overwhelmingly approved a Resolution calling on the government of the United States to end its embargo against Cuba, imposed nearly 60 years ago.

The UN voted by 187 votes to three (the US, Israel and Brazil) in support of the Resolution, making it the 28th consecutive time it has done so.

The government of the US has ignored these calls by the global community, indicating its contempt for democracy and the UN.

Ambassador of St Vincent and the Grenadines to the UN Inga Rhonda King was one of the many speakers who addressed the Assembly on the issue outlining her government’s firm position for an end to the embargo.

Meanwhile a number of Vincentians, Cubans and Venezuelans gathered outside the Financial Complex in Kingstown on the afternoon of November 7 to celebrate the rejection of the embargo and to express solidarity not only with Cuba, but also the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which also suffers from US sanctions.

The rally was addressed by Prime Minister Gonsalves, Cuban Ambassador Vilma Reyes and Speaker of the House Jomo Thomas. Several representatives from local organisations including David “Darkie” Williams (Garifuna Association), Curtis King (Reparations Committee), and Renwick Rose (SVG/Cuba Friendship Society) also made addresses whilst the Resistance drummers baked up with rhythmic drumming.