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Traffic Police receive training in Customer Service

Traffic Police receive  training in Customer Service
TRAFFIC POLICE receiving a lecture on “Quality Customers Service for the Traffic Department


Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent Kenneth John and rank and file officers of the Traffic Department within the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force received a lecture on the topic “Quality Customer Service for the Traffic Department” on Thursday November 7.

The lecture was presented by Desrie J.K. Richards, Senior Education Officer, attached to the Adult Education and Continuing Studies Division of the Ministry of Education.

Delivering on the topic, Richards reminded the officers to be professional at all times. She went on to say there are two types of customers, the internal and external customers. The internal customers she said are persons within the organization, from the Commissioner of Police down to the recruits and they too must be treated with respect.

The external customers Richards stated are the general public, whether they communicate with the police via a telephone call, email, Facebook. She emphasized the point that all customers should be treated with utmost care, respect and professionalism.

The Senior Education Officer reminded the officers that respect is earned, therefore, if they wished to be respected by members of the public, they must first respect themselves. She said that that when officers display respect for themselves and their customers they will gain their trust and loyalty.

Richards emphasized to the officers that they are professionals and therefore should maintain a professional image. Professionalism she stated is not an option, but should be practiced daily by all police officers.

Using the example of ticketing a motorist for a breach of the traffic law, Richards told the officers that they should be courteous and treat everyone equally. While admitting that people with special needs can be offenders, Richards told the officers to be understanding of them and treat them with special care.

Richards urged the officers to learn the roles and responsibilities of their jobs. She said that they cannot be traffic officers and not know how to put on and take off the clamp, handcuff a prisoner or how to communicate clearly. She stressed that they must be consistent and organized at all times.

Richards concluded her presentation by congratulating members of the traffic department for the Traffic Tips programme that is aired on NBC Radio 705. She assured them that their contribution has not gone unnoticed and told them to continue to play their role with poise and do it with distinction. She reminded them that the biblical guide line is still applicable, “A soft answer turned away wrath but grievous words stores up anger.” Shine like beacons she told them and give only their best – wear their uniform with pride and provide quality service with professionalism.