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Petit Bordel Secondary School Receives Resources from Hodder Education

Petit Bordel  Secondary School  Receives Resources from Hodder  Education
Byron Wilson


A set of educational resources targeting the improvement of literacy at the Petit Bordel Secondary School has been donated by Hodder Education, an international publishing company that creates print and digital resources.

The contribution valued at just over EC$30,000 includes more than 500 books (fiction and non-fiction), a one-year subscription to reading software, one laptop and two desktop computers expected soon, a set of computer speakers, a projector and a printer. The supplies, which form part of Hodder Education’s overall investment in education, will outfit the school’s literacy room.

Local Representative of Hodder Education, Byron Wilson, in his remarks, reaffirmed Hodder Education’s commitment to assisting the Ministry of Education in improving the literacy levels of students. He said “….we publish books that some of you are using right here at school and we figure that it is our duty to give back to the community to which we sell our products.”

Senior Education Officer for Curriculum, Aldia Gumbs-Dyer, thanked the organization for supporting the Ministry’s quest to get all students reading at their appropriate grade levels. She also noted that a significant portion of the staff members at the Petit Bordel Secondary School are past students and urged the current student body to make the best use of the equipment to strengthen their literacy skills so that they too can make a meaningful contribution to their community.

Principal Rupert Nash also thanked Hodder Education for the “generous donation”. He remarked “I know that we as a school will use [this equipment] for the betterment of the reading programme and for our students’ development on a whole.”

The resources were officially handed over during general assembly at the school on Monday November 11.