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NDP PRO graduates with Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communication

NDP PRO graduates with  Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communication
Lavern King,NDP’s Public Relations Officer, with her graduation scroll


The New Democratic Party (NDP) has congratulated its Public Relations Officer (PRO) on graduatinglast Friday, November 1 with a Masters of Arts degree from the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus).

PRO Lavern King achieved this milestone after successfully completing a course of study in Integrated Marketing Communication.

Whilst pursuing her graduate studies Lavern effectively maintained her position on the executive arm of the party and also served the University as the Resident Advisor for Graduate Students, a release from the NDP said.

Lavern, who is a graduate of the Canouan Government School, Dr JP Eustace Memorial Secondary, and the SVG Community College said “I believe firmly that it is not so much about where or whom you were born to, or which school you went to, but rather, it’s about having the audacity to defy the odds and bloom wherever you’re planted.”

Commenting on her success, President of the NDP, Dr Godwin Friday said, “Lavern has been a part of the NDP family from a very tender age, I recall when she won the Young Democrats Inaugural Public Speaking Competition in 2011. I simply marvel at her tenacity, her hunger for success and her will to keep trying. We are undoubtedly proud of her. I join with the rest of the party in congratulating her on attaining her masters.”

He further noted, “The NDP, as a party will continue to provide the opportunity for youths to achieve their full potential. Lavern, as a young person is a member of our executive, a testimony to our commitment to our youths. We will always have a place at the decision making level within our party for our young people.”

Since her graduation Lavern has advanced her dreams to the next level. She has joined the ranks of young independent entrepreneurs, registering her own marketing agency, ‘King Marketing Communication’, here in SVG.

“It is our hope that her vision, commitment and tenacity to defy the odds and overcome stereotypical barriers may serve as an inspiration and encouragement to Vincentian youths to seek to advance themselves and contribute to the development of our blessed Nation,” the release from the Party said.