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Hobby making paper flowers blossoms into business for young entrepreneur

Hobby making paper flowers blossoms into business  for young entrepreneur
Aleshia Campbell


by Chanolde Munroe

What started with friends making decorations for an event has blossomed into a new business venture for budding entrepreneur Aleshia Campbell.

Campbell, the owner of Tilted Petals told SEARCHLIGHT that from a young age, she always wanted to be a business owner.

Hobby making paper flowers blossoms into business  for young entrepreneur
PAPER FLOWERS done by Titled Petals

“Growing up I always wanted my own business; after travelling to America on numerous occasions … and [seeing] brands like Forever 21 and Old Navy doing big things, I decided that I wanted to be on the same level as the owners and the CEO of … those big name brands,” she said.

Tilted Petals creates paper flowers that could be used as party props or decorations for events, parties or personal use.

Campbell is not new to entrepreneurship; in 2017 she launched online boutique ‘Fahrenheight’ and in a few months time, she will have her first brick and mortar store.

She added that while she always had an entrepreneurial drive, her drive went into overdrive after having children.

Campbell said that when she began her first business, she got a lot of support and sold out most of her inventory in two days, and, with her new business it is not different.

“I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries, from persons from Fancy to Fitz-Hughes; I’ve been getting a lot of requests.”

She said that she has had people who have tried to deter her from her dreams, however, she remains adamant about fulfilling her dreams.

I’ve had a couple people saying, ‘Oh you don’t need to do that because there are other persons doing that, but I don’t care. It’s something that I always wanted to, this is a dream of mine so I would be going hard like no other.”

Campbell said that having a supportive system is key to achieving her goals.

She explained that a friend assists by cutting the flowers and she puts them together.

“It’s not bad, I always say once you have help… then you definitely would get where you need to get [and] accomplish what you need to accomplish in a short space of time.”

She advises young and budding entrepreneurs to see others as inspiration and never competition.

“Maybe you can be inspired by someone who is doing well locally, but never as your competition because we are in this together and everybody should go after their dreams.”

Tilted Petals can be found on Instagram @Tiltedp3tals and inquiries could be made through direct messages.