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Vincentian author launches book dubbed ‘Moments Framed in Petroglyphs’

Vincentian author launches book dubbed ‘Moments Framed in Petroglyphs’
Gaylene S David


The atmosphere at Frenches House on Monday, September 30 was electric and celebratory as patrons witnessed the book launch which was dubbed ‘Moments Framed in Petroglyphs’.

Vincentian Poet, author and teacher Gaylene S David launched two intriguing books: ‘Moments Framed in Petroglyphs’ is an autobiographical memoir of Poems. Her second book is a novellete captioned ‘She Speaks in Silence’. The audience was treated to a delightful evening of music, poetry, songs, dance, readings from the books, discussion, congratulatory remarks, book signing, picture taking and Hors d’oeuvres.

The collection of poems was reviewed by Director of Culture Anthony Theobalds. He claimed that, “The writing is of good quality. The language is expressive. The vocabulary is not over whelming. The flow is descriptive and carries the reader so that the word pictures are vivid and enjoyable. Most of the poems have a date of creation which helps the reader feel the author’s growth and strength to overcome the challenges she faced in life.” He also levelled two points of criticism concerning over specificity of the work and the issue of the physical layout in relation to bleed. He admitted that he is looking forward to receiving more artistic work from the author.

The review of the novelette, ‘She Speaks in Silence’ was done by Lornetta Rodgers. She created a stir with her controversial thoughts on ‘Men’s Treatment of Women’. She stated profoundly that, “She Speaks in Silence is pregnant with images of broken, rejected, dejected and silenced women and meaningless relationships with misogynists and irresponsible men.”

She said the novelette narrates “the harrowing and painful experiences of young women looking for long term love relationships but instead are met with men who try to lacerate their tongues, to hush their feelings and leave them voiceless.”

Also included in the 29-page poignant novelette is valuable advice for women who are trying to find a voice, a platform in “a society where the supposedly dominant species with swinging pendulums tries to plunder, take treasures, then pounce and move to the next unsuspecting prey. It leaves their victims so voiceless that silence is louder than their actual voices.”

According to Keith Angola an Executive Officer in London, “The novelette is an interesting manipulation of literary elements; relatable, slightly political yet spiritual.”

The author encouraged the attentive audience to celebrate their legacies and stay focused through silence, fear, pain and happiness. She urged them to set particular moments in stone because petroglyphs can reveal the legacy of an entire civilization.

The publishing of ‘Moments Framed in Petroglyphs’ was a teenage dream which is finally accomplished for David. ‘She Speaks in Silence’ is the rocket on the mission towards self-development. She is also in pursuit of more book titles, becoming a motivational speaker on YouTube and completing post-graduate studies.

Each book currently costs EC $30 as a book launch promotion. They should be in two local and popular bookstores soon. However, the books are available on Amazon for US$12.99 each and the author may also be contacted by email at [email protected]

The author said the books were made possible by God’s grace and she thanked her readers and everyone who supported the cause.