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Second “Fashion, Art, Music” event being held to raise awareness about endometriosis

Second “Fashion, Art, Music” event being held to raise awareness about endometriosis
Neeka Anderson-Isaacs


For the second consecutive year, an event dubbed “Fashion, Art, Music for Endometriosis” will be held.

The event, slated for Sunday October 20, will be held at Sunset Shores hotel in Villa to raise funds to assist persons suffering from endometriosis.

The cost of entry is EC$70 and proceeds from the event, according to organizer Neeka Anderson-Isaacs, will go towards a woman suffering from the painful disease.

Anderson-Isaacs, a survivor of endometriosis, explained to SEARCHLIGHT last week Friday, that last year she had surgery in Barbados to assist in managing the pain associated with the disease and it was very costly.

She said not only is the surgery costly, but the medicine is also pricey so she decided to help other women who may have the disease and are going though financial issues.

“It is an extremely painful and difficult process,” she said of the endometriosis journey while noting that when she realized she had to come up with thousands of US dollars to undertake surgery she was stumped at first.

She came up with the idea of a fundraising event ‘Fashion, Art, Music for Endometriosis’, which also serves to raise awareness of the condition.

Anderson-Isaacs said that like cancer, endometriosis has several stages so the stage you are at depends on the level of surgical intervention. She noted also that to properly diagnose endometriosis, there is a specific test that is not offered locally.

“I had to go overseas to get that test done and it was confirmed that I had it then I had to prepare for surgery, was on treatment for about six months and using medication,” explained Anderson-Isaacs who added that one of the treatments costs approximately $US600.

“I know this is very difficult for a lot of women to even come up with money for treatment much less for surgery so that is what started the campaign,” she explained while thanking all the persons who are supporting the cause.

She said that persons seeking treatment have to consider travelling overseas, staying in a hotel, and aftercare, because one is not discharged from the hospital and allowed to travel immediately after surgery.

Anderson-Isaacs has therefore spoken to doctors in Barbados and they have agreed to do a package deal with a discounted cost to help women from other countries.

“So that is what inspired to me continue this campaign to help as many women as possible.”

She said the October 20 show will include music from Rodney Small, Saeed Bowman, Dynamite, DJ Captain John, DJ Black Ice and singer Nailah Samuel among others.

Designs to be showcased will come from Lisa Cordice, Peta Odini, Jeremy Payne, Island Pop Swimwear and others.

“We will be displaying everything local and helping women to know that they are beautiful. We want to portray images of strong beautiful black women despite of our challenges.”

“One of the young ladies I want to help also has lupus. The immune system is sometimes compromised, and the challenges are plenty,” stated Anderson-Isaacs who spoke about high levels of emotional, physical and psychological stress.

The event will also hear from other survivors of endometriosis from Jamaica and Barbados. They will speak about the challenges while a specialist from Barbados will also be at the event.