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Nationwide decorative efforts for 40th anniversary of independence

Nationwide decorative efforts for 40th anniversary of independence
Elvis Charles, the chairman of the Renewal at 40 committee


The length and breadth of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) stands to receive a facelift worth its weight in blue, green and gold, in anticipation of the 40th anniversary of independence later this month.

The Renewal at 40 committee hosted a press conference on Wednesday to update the country on upcoming events and activities that will take place in October, to celebrate independence.

“The Renewal at 40 committee has endeavoured to create a level of visual branding never before associated with our independence festivities,” Julian ‘Pilling’ Pollard of the decorating committee said.

Pollard said that decoration efforts have already begun and all communities will be a part of the beautification process.

He added that the committee has been in contact with the communities and they will be aiding in mounting the decorations “and it’s going to be from Richmond to Fancy, all the way down to the bottom of the Grenadines and top of the Grenadines, every nook and cranny, every gouti track, every highway in St Vincent is going to experience Renewal at 40, visually and heartfelt”.

The veteran designer and mas man said that specific places in Kingstown will receive special attention. These include the Financial Complex, the Court House, the Ministerial Building, the Vegetable Market.

He also said that these buildings will be lit with mood lighting that reflects the colours of the national flag.

“We look at this new branding and the whole Renewal at 40 as fostering a whole new level of national pride and creating a closer togetherness for the entire country and we are hoping to achieve this in so many ways, not just because of the colourful decorations but also persons communication between each other,” Pollard said.

Elvis Charles, the chairman of the Renewal at 40 committee was also present at Wednesday’s press conference.

And he expressed the committee’s hope of celebrating this country’s 40th anniversary with pomp, fashion and style. He added that the Renewal at 40 programme is a period of refresh and refocus.

Charles said that the committee was trying to “provoke that spirit of patriotism, love for country where persons can show ownership, own St Vincent. It is such a pleasant sound to the ears when you hear people boast about their country, show ownership for their country”.

The chairman made reference to the motto, “With strength, honour and dignity, we stand resolute at 40 and beyond”, and said that it highlights the intention to not just celebrate the 40th anniversary of independence in style but all the other anniversaries going forward.

“Even up to 2025 and beyond, we would still be working to make St Vincent and the Grenadines a beautiful place that it is. Renewal at 40, you can rest assured that we are going to do everything possible to make this independence memorable and the years to come, put structures in place that there will be development in our country, there will be love again, there would be ownership again and we will all be proud to be Vincentians,” he said.

Others present at the press conference included chief cultural officer, Anthony Theobalds, who gave an overview of the calendar of activities and marketing officer of Invest SVG, Angenela Young, who spoke about the Everything Vincy expo, which is slated to run from October 24 to October 30 this year.

Selman Walters, the manager of the Arrowroot Association was also present to give an overview of the Madungo festival slated for October 28 at the Chatoyer National Park in Georgetown.