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Girl Guides hold second annual reading competition

Girl Guides hold second annual reading competition
All participants, from left to right: Mariah Matthews, Ronkia Benjamin, Lennisha Cain, Kaige Cruickshank, Rhea Williams, Ajani Dyer and Curtisha Phillips


Two hundred and fifty Girl Guides, Guiders, parents and well-wishes witnessed the 2nd Annual Reading Competition of the Girl Guides Association of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The competition, held at the Girl Guides Headquarters at Level Gardens, took place on Friday, September 20. The Reading Competition is an annual event to mark International Day of Peace as well as to recognise International Literacy Day and Orange Day which are also observed in the month of September.

Girl Guides hold second annual reading competition
The top three participants

This year’s reading competition was held under the theme: “Read up, Speak up, Lift up” and welcomed participation from seven courageous Girl Guides who were willing to raise their voices and utilise their reading abilities to promote messages peace and the empowerment of girls and young women in society. The participants were:

1. Ajani Dyer from the No.27 Kingstown (G.H.S) Guides Company,

2. Curtisha Phillips from the No.29 Kingstown (B.C.K) Guides Company,

3. Kaige Cruickshank from the No.1 Kingstown (G.H.S) Guides Company,

4. Lennisha Cain from the No.8 Kingstown (S.J.C.K) Guides Company,

5. Mariah Matthews from the No.3 Kingstown (G.H.S) Guides Company,

6. Rhea Williams from the No.28 Kingstown (S.J.C.K) Guides Company, and

7. Ronkia Benjamin from the No.10 Intermediate High School Guides Company.

Each participant read two pieces which included a narrative piece and an expository piece. The passages spoke to the importance of peace in societies and protecting and defending the rights of girls and young women. The participants were judged based on their pronunciation, fluency, clarity, enunciation, and intonation.

The results of this year’s competition are as follows:

1. 1st Place – Kaige Cruickshank from the No.1 Kingstown Girl Guides Company;

2. 2nd place – Mariah Matthews from the No.3 Kingstown Girl Guides Company; and

3. 3rd Place – Ajani Dyer from the No. 27 Kingstown Girl Guides Company.

The judges of this year’s competition were: Athalie Soleyn, Jonathan Roberts and Semonique Harry.

The Girl Guides Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will continue to provide opportunities for girls and young ladies throughout the nation to not only enhance their interpersonal skills but to make them world ready!