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Cuba’s ‘Sonic Weapon’ may have been mosquito gas


Three years ago the United States made an international furore about its diplomats in Cuba being attacked by some sort of illness which it claimed could have been caused by some secret sonic weapon. The charge was extensively carried in the international and regional media and broadcast worldwide via social media.

Cuba had strongly denied the charge, a fact which was not as widely disseminated as the original accusation. Now, Canadian researchers from the Brain Research Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia have said what they believe to be the source of the ‘mystery’ illness which also affected Canadian diplomats. They conducted tests on 28 participants, seven of whom were tested both before and after going to Havana.

Those tests support a diagnosis of brain injury acquired by diplomats and their families while in Havana. However the study did not come up with any sinister motive. Rather, it concluded that the illness probably came from mosquito fumigation. Cuba had carried out an extensive fumigation campaign to combat the threat of the deadly zika mosquito virus, and the study points to neurotoxins in the gas used as being the cause, including spraying gas around and even inside diplomatic compounds to protect diplomats and their families.

According to the study, the patterns of brain injury “all raise the hypothesis of recurrent, low-dose exposure to neurotoxins” which can affect the human nervous system. The researchers said that the low, consistent doses are consistent with exposure to commercial pesticides.