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Successful first week at Canouan Secondary School

Successful first week at Canouan Secondary School
some of The students of the Canouan Secondary School (seated) at the opening of the school on Monday. (Inset) teacher in charge, Terry Ollivierre.


The first week at the newly opened Canouan Secondary School has gone well for the 19 students enrolled there.

This is according to the teacher in charge, Terry Ollivierre.

“It is going very well indeed. The students are very much enthusiastic. They are home and they are incorporating and engaging with the teachers… I should say they are much more comfortable,” he told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

Ollivierre, who teaches English, said that the opening of the school was an historic moment for the community and it will help to alleviate many problems that students have faced when it came to attaining secondary education in the Grenadines.

“Now that they are home, it is expected that they will be much more comfortable…and so they should be able to produce at a much higher level and it is one that has been welcomed by the community, the student themselves and we are looking forward for great things in the future,” he said.

The teacher in charge added that the students, 10 girls and nine boys, will be able to produce at a higher level and make the Canouan Secondary School one of the premier secondary schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The school is the first secondary school on the Southern Grenadine island and it was officially opened on Monday along with most schools nation-wide.

Minister of Education, St Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince, in his message to mark the opening of the 2019/2020 academic year, said that the Canouan Secondary School was designed to meet the needs of students on the island who are moving from primary to secondary level education.

Six teachers have been assigned to the school, two of whom are from Canouan and all core secondary school courses, including information technology and science will be taught at the school.

The building housing this first batch of students is a temporary facility. Work on the the secondary school building began a month ago and will continue.