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SVGTCCU awards 4 scholarships, 85 book vouchers

SVGTCCU awards 4 scholarships, 85 book vouchers
Left to right - President of the SVGTCCU Miriam Roache, Rayanne Pierre, Gianna Estwick, Chazze Ledger, ,Rihann Cozier, Cecil “Blazer” Williams


The four scholarship recipients and the 85 book voucher beneficiaries of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Cooperative Credit Union (SVGTCCU) have promised to make the organisation proud.

“We pledge to embark on our secondary education with enthusiasm, maintaining our focus and dedication to our studies. Rest assured we are determined to make ourselves, our family and of course you at the credit union always proud of our progress,” scholarship recipient Gianna Estwick said last Thursday.

Estwick was speaking on behalf of recipients at the 2019 SVGTCCU scholarship and book vouchers awards ceremony at the Union’s head office in Paul’s Avenue.

“Nothing is more honourable than a grateful heart. Today I thank God for blessing us with the gift of learning and for the gratitude and appreciation on behalf of myself and the other recipients,” said Estwick.

She said she is predicting that the SVGTCCU will never regret its decision to be her financial sponsor and that of her colleagues.

The 2019 SVGTCCU scholarships saw Estwick, Chazze Ledger, Rayanne Pierre and Rihann Cozier being awarded full scholarships while 85 other students received book vouchers. Cozier also received the Cecil “Blazer” Williams award. Williams is known as having served as the SVGTCCU’s longest president.

Addressing the students, President of the SVGTCCU Miriam Roache said the nation’s youths are the most valuable commodity and it is important to invest in them, mould and support them.

She said by doing this, students will achieve their full potential.

Roache also noted that the scholarship program is the SVGTCCU’s contribution to nation building through the development of young minds and the support given is helping build a cadre of professionals in many fields.

The President also urged parents to create an environment where students can continue to be successful. She said parents must become their children’s greatest supporter while being their guide, disciplinarian and cheerleaders.

The ceremony also heard from Senior Education Officer at the Ministry of Education Kay Martin-Jack. The senior educator said that help given to the students is a demonstration of one of the principles on which the credit union’s philosophy is built: “people helping people.”

She added also that the help given is providing invaluable support to the next generation of leaders to achieve their educational goals and this in itself is an investment in the nation’s future.

Martin-Jack noted that the Ministry is grateful to the credit union for their active participation in ensuring members’ children access higher education by providing funding.

She told students that the scholarships and book vouchers were not handouts, but it was the credit unions making an investment that the students had earned.

Talking about the impact that being a scholarship holder has on him, 2018 to 2020 recipient Linron John, a student at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) said the credit provided him with financial support to purchase necessities, “and for that I am grateful”.

He said only one of his two parents has a job so he is very grateful for the help.

John also urged students to save either $1.00 or 25 cents a day for the five years of secondary school and in the future, that money can help with their transition into the SVGCC.

The scholarship holder also told students that they will face some difficulties in school, but they will overcome with hard work. He encouraged them to always remember to have fun while putting their best foot forward and never losing sight of their goals.