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Obstacle Colour Run to fund school supplies for underprivileged students

Obstacle Colour Run to fund school supplies for underprivileged students


One hundred Primary School children will be assisted with back-to-school supplies from the proceeds of Islandwide Fitness’ Emancipation Day “Obstacle Colour Run.”

This August 1 will be the third year that the Islandwide Fitness Gym is holding the “Obstacle Colour Run,” and owner and trainer at the gym, Keyon Constance, during an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, says that he expects it to be the biggest family event of the summer.

“If you have a son, you have a daughter, you have nothing to do with them, you have anybody who comes from overseas, you have nothing to do with them for that period of time, come on up,” he encouraged.

“It’s meant for a family, or a group of co-workers, it’s meant for your crew. To complete some of the obstacles you are going to need someone to assist you, so it’s more of a team event rather than just an individual event,” the trainer stated, but he noted that there will be workers to assist persons with getting over obstacles if they are by themselves.

The 8k run, which is expected to take a maximum of two hours, will start from 6:30am at the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport, with a 15-minute workout session. There are eight points on the course, and runners/walkers will be moving from ET Joshua, to BumBum, then Massy Stores, then make their way to ChillSpot, followed by the Arnos Vale playing field, Backyard Adventures, onto the Villa/Fountain road, through Fountain to the Belair Playing field, then to Cane Hall, and back to ET Joshua. The fun will continue at the end, with an aerobic session that Constance assures is going to be “off the chain.”

The “Obstacle Colour Run” is so named because there are going to be 14 obstacles along the course for the runners.

There are fun and easy obstacles, such as an inflatable slide, “this inflatable slide is 20ft tall, 20ft tall…20ft!” Constance commented excitedly. Some other obstacles include a water slide, hurdles, walls(the highest of which is 18ft), and leopard crawling.

“If anyone has come on the Obstacle run before, those same obstacles we had before, we’re bringing them back, and we’re also including much more,” the trainer stated, and that the number of obstacles will be tripling.

However, the course is not meant to be strenuous, Constance noting that their intention is to make it fun. “Rather than just a hard core obstacle run challenge, you tone it down, take it from 100, to probably about 20-25,” he stated.

He assures that all obstacles are safe and professionally built, and that first aid responders will be stationed at each one. The safety extends to police officers who will regulating the human traffic, and persons who will be patrolling the route.

The colour part of the run lies in the neon powders that are included in the packages, which also include a bandana, a t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a water bottle for the first 500 persons registered.

This year, the run has a special purpose. It will raise funds to donate supplies to 100 primary school children, such as a bookbag, exercise books, notebooks, pencils and pens.

Constance indicates that the Ministry of Education contacted all the schools on their behalf, and the principals will name a male and female student who they deem are most in need of assistance.

Persons can participate in the event for a price of $40, but if in groups of five, they may each pay $35. If registering in groups of 10, persons may pay $30 each.

Constance notes that those who are expected to participate in the run include his longtime supporters, the First Caribbean International Bank, Tropical Shipping and Searchlight Newspaper.

The Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies(ECGC), Digicel, Nood, and Rum Bond Inc are also sponsors of the event.