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Reading Programme at West St George Secondary School gets a boost

Reading Programme at West St George Secondary  School gets a boost
Deputy Principal of the WSGSS, Mauressa Delecia (third from left), receives a cheque from Mr Terry Anderson, proprietor of Automax Autoparts. Rhondel Delpesche (l) and student Nolly Anderson Jr (r) look on.


The West St George Secondary School’s reading programme was given a boost during the last school term, compliments a contribution from Automax Autoparts of Campden Park.

Local proprietor, Terry Anderson, presented a cheque to the deputy principal of the West St George Secondary School, Mauressa Delecia, at a brief handing over ceremony at Automax Autoparts. The handing over was witnessed by representatives of both organizations.

The deputy principal said that the school welcomes the donation from Automax Autoparts, and expressed sincere thanks to Anderson for his timely contribution. She said that the funds are being used for the benefit of the students who use the Reading Room at the school. Because of this donation, the Reading Room has been able to have a new and improved look, making students feel more relaxed and motivated to focus on their daily lessons.

During the 2018-2019 school year the West St George Secondary School (located in Belair) has also embarked on activities designed to make learners feel more at home, as part of the national Student Friendly initiative.

Meanwhile, principal of the school Dianne Williams has noted that since opening its doors in September 2004, the West St George Secondary School continues to find creative ways of assisting students with literacy and numeracy challenges. At its first encounter with the CSEC examinations, the school attained an impressive pass rate of approximately 60 percent. It must be noted that the first batch of students entered the school with many of them unable to read at their respective grade level in relation to their age at the time.

In recent years, the school was also able to maintain a pass rate that saw it being ranked by the Ministry of Education, as being among the top 10 best performing secondary schools at the CSEC examinations in St Vincent and the Grenadines.