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$20,000 available from Massy Stores for two environmentally friendly projects

$20,000 available from Massy Stores for two environmentally friendly projects
Marketing Assistant at Massy Jeniel Gill


Friends of the environment now have a chance to win EC$20,000 to fund environmentally friendly projects.

This as Massy Stores is embarking on several initiatives aimed at the environment, among them, the funding of two environmentally friendly projects at the tune of EC$20,000.

Applications for the funding are opened to environmental groups, community organisations, environmental clubs, schools, charitable and non-profit organisations.

Groups are being asked to submit project proposals that will be considered for funding. Projects must be aimed at reducing negative environmental impacts and ensuring continued environmental awareness and sustainability throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

EC$10,000 will be for a project on the mainland and EC$10,000 for a project in the Grenadines.

“Let’s transform the world together starting with St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Marketing Assistant at Massy Jeniel Gill said while referring to the initiative on Wednesday.

Applications should be sent by mail or email to Environmental Project Proposal, Massy Stores (SVG) Ltd, Upper Bay Street, Kingstown. They can also be sent to [email protected] with a subject line of Environmental Project Proposal.

The funding of these projects is part of a series of initiatives that Massy Stores is embarking on aimed at an environmentally friendly theme.

Another initiative is asking persons to nominate a “#BeyondTheBag Hero!”.

In July last year, Massy reduced the use of the plastic bags in their supermarkets by placing a .25 cents charge on the disposable commodity. They encouraged customers to use bags they already have.

The #BeyondTheBag competition is asking persons to nominate someone they think stands for environmental sustainability, respects ocean and wildlife and who does their part to contribute to cleaner, greener earth.

The best candidate will be chosen by Massy Stores on July 19 and that person will win a weekend getaway for two at Firefly Hotel, Bequia. Persons may also nominate themselves.

Also, for the entire month of July, customers who shop with their reusable bag at Massy Stores will accumulate five additional bonus points on their Massy Card.

Individuals who shop between July 3rd to 31st without using a plastic bag will be entered in a draw to win $500.

On Saturday July 20, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., customers can drop off their unused plastic bottles to earn five extra points at all Massy Stores locations.

“At Massy Stores, we are very committed to caring for our communities and preserving our natural environment by creating value and transforming lives on a daily basis,” said Gill.

Also, Massy Stores will soon be introducing bio-degradable products such as plates, cups, forks, knives and garbage bags.