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Tribes focuses on ‘Endangered’ for Vincy Mas 2019

Tribes focuses on ‘Endangered’ for Vincy Mas 2019


Tribes Mas Band in its 12th year of existence, has decided to focus on the dangers being wrought by man’s indiscriminate use of the earth’s natural resources.

“For decades, mankind, through indiscriminate dumping of waste has been cutting down trees and other vegetation, hunting animals for economic gain, causing a number of plant and animal species on planet earth to be placed on the endangered species list,” leader of the band Fernando Serieux said.

Tribes focuses on ‘Endangered’ for Vincy Mas 2019
(Left) Amazona Guildingii (children’s section) & (Right) Morpho Butterfly (children’s section)

Following the conclusion of 2018 Vincy Mas, Serieux decided to focus on what humans face. The result is an eight-section production ‘Endangered’ for their 2019 presentation for Vincy Mas.

“The eight species selected are symbolic of what Mother Earth will become if we do not pay heed to the Master’s warnings, to be deliberate and prudent in our use of the natural resources,” he said.

Serieux pointed out that although there are other plant and animal species which are in danger of becoming extinct, the band selected those which would give a global outlook on the issue.

The eight species which will be portrayed are the Amazona Guildingii (Vincy Parrot), the Morpho Butterfly, the Ceylon Butterfly, the Rain Forest, the Tiger, the Golden Pheasant, the Coral Reef, and the Kalinago.

The Amazona Guildingii or Vincy Parrot is the national bird of St Vincent and the Grenadines; The Morpho Butterfly found mostly in South America, and Central America, is threatened by habitat destruction and unsustainable collection by humans. The largest butterfly in Sri Lanka is the Ceylon Butterfly; it is believed to be a symbol of the soul, immortality, and reincarnation according to local folklore.

Our rain forests are being decimated as acres of trees are cut in tropical rain forests every minute. As a result of the rapidly shrinking rain forest acreage, and the subsequent destruction of their habitat, animals such as the golden lion, tamarin monkey, poison dart frog, amongst other species, have themselves become endangered.

Tigers have been classified as endangered due to the hunting of the massive cats for their valuable coats. The most critical one on the endangered list is the South China tiger, but little is known about the existing numbers of the original nine species of tigers.

The Golden Pheasant also known as the Chinese Pheasant is one of the more popular species of pheasant which is native to the mountainous forests of Western and Central China. Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight can fade their intense colouration, so their natural habitat is dense, shadowy woodlands and forests with sparse undergrowth in the mountains of Asia. They are primarily ground-dwelling foragers during the day but roost in tall trees at night.

Tribes focuses on ‘Endangered’ for Vincy Mas 2019

Lying beneath the simmering waves of the tropical seas are Coral Reefs, but climate change, ocean acidification, diseases, over-fishing, sedimentation, and pollution threatens coral reefs around the world, and by extension, all other marine life.

Formerly known as Caribs, the Kalinago are the indigenous peoples of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, and it is believed that the Kalinago migrated from South America to settle in the Caribbean islands.

Fernando Serieux, in conclusion, said that in addition to the distinct dangers facing plant and animal life, the human race is also in danger.

According to the Tribes Mas Band leader, “In time to come, as we indiscriminately plunder Mother Earth, even our children will be become an endangered species.”