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New Democratic Party joins International Democrat Union

New Democratic Party joins International Democrat Union


On Saturday April 13, 2019, the New Democratic Party (NDP) was received into membership by the International Democrat Union (IDU).

The party’s application for membership was reviewed by the IDU’s Executive Board and a presentation was made on behalf of the party by Nick Francis, who currently serves as advisor to the NDP Young Democrats and Secretary General of the Caribbean Democrat Union (CDU), a release from the NDP said. 

Dr Godwin Friday expressed gratitude to the IDU Board for accepting the party’s application and looks forward to full participation and contribution in future IDU related activities.

Friday noted that “this was a great day for the New Democratic Party as we continue to form important partnerships and espouse the principles of freedom and democracy in our region and internationally.” 

The IDU is the leading global alliance of centre-right political parties and works to provide individuals throughout the world with the best conditions for political liberty, personal freedom, equality of opportunity and economic development under the rule of law.