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Rose Place residents may be relocated to Arnos Vale, Lowmans Leeward

Rose Place residents may be relocated to Arnos Vale, Lowmans Leeward
Dr Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of SVG


Areas in Lowmans Leeward and Arnos Vale are being considered for the relocation of residents of Rose Place who will be affected by the Kingstown Port Modernisation project.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, in response to a question posed recently, in Parliament by the Opposition, said that the chief surveyor was investigating available and suitable locations for the relocation of residents and fisherfolk.

“Persons who will be impacted will be those who have the houses and those with the boats. In respect of the housing, lands at Lowmans Leeward…are to be surveyed and made available for use under the Port Modernisation project,” he said. “In relation to the boats, Arnos Vale…for the fisherfolk boat landing. Exploratory work is also ongoing to secure holding space at the fish market for fisherfolk who need only engine storage space.”

The prime minister said that impacted persons will have an opportunity to participate in the process through consultation and lodging of grievances through an established mechanism.

He also said that several consultations have already taken place with the residents and several more are planned including with the affected business community, beginning this month.

Gonsalves added that the government was open to assisting with the relocation of individuals who have already identified a location, separate from the lands being made available at Lowmans Leeward.

And he said that “we have always been flexible on these matters”.