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My son should not have died that way – Alvin Herbert

My son should not have died that way – Alvin Herbert
Alvin Herbert


Alvin Herbert, the father of Alwyn “Bunnie” Browne, said that on several occasions, he had spoken to his son about some of the activities he was involved in.

But despite admitting that his son was not a “saint”, Herbert thinks that Alwyn should not have died the way he did.

“I can’t swear for Bunnie, because I know he does get on a kind of way…he was not wanted, to say he killed anybody for the police to just hold him and shoot him like that,” Herbert told SEARCHLIGHT from his Ottley Hall home on Wednesday.

Herbert said that last Sunday, police officers came to his home looking for Alwyn and he told them his son was not there and had not been for a long time.

He said the officers were very disrespectful to him, but told his female companion that Alwyn was wanted, but they did not say why he was wanted.

Herbert said he tried calling Alwyn, but did not get him and on Tuesday, he left home around 9 am and around 10 am, he heard that Alwyn had been shot by the police.

“People told me he was hiding under a bed and the police shot him while he was hiding,” said Herbert who noted that while listening to the news on Tuesday night, he heard that his son had shot at police officers, something he does not believe.

“…So how he could be under a bed hiding and fire shot after the police? I saying this is cold murder.

“If I shoot at the police and they bring a news on TV say I shoot, you wouldn’t present a gun? You must present a gun, you must show the gun that he shoot after you with.

“How no gun ain’t come on the news? If a gun come on the news, I would know he had a gun and he shoot after them. Can a man shoot after you, then he go hide under a bed?,” questioned Herbert.

“Is the law, that is what them pay them to do, but they just can’t come and killing people just so,” Herbert further commented.

He said that anytime the opportunity arose he would speak to Alwyn and he last spoke to him on the phone about a week ago.

“… Sometimes I sit down and talk to him and say, ‘Boy this is not the way to live your life’. ‘You can’t dey and police coming and looking for you and all them kind of things’,” the gardener and farmer disclosed.

He revealed that Alwyn is one of seven children and his second to lose their life by the gun.

Bunny’s sister Alvisha “Micey” Browne succumbed to gunshot wounds on January 4, 2012 at the age of 19. The mother of three was shot at Ottley Hall while hanging out at a shop. She was hit several times in her head at close range and died on the spot.

“She died a few feet away from where Bunnie died.

He said that the authorities will have to deal with his son’s funeral costs “because them dey kill him and me ain’t have no money to bury him because they murder him.”