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KPS new library officially opens

KPS new library  officially opens
Students and members of staff of the Kingstown Preparatory School, along with Tom and Harriette Linskey of Hands Across the Seas, as well as Dularie Malcolm, a representative of the Mustique Charitable Foundation, pose for a photo at the recent opening of the school’s new library.


The Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) can now boast of a new library thanks to several charitable entities including the Mustique Charitable Foundation and Hands Across the Seas.

The new library was officially opened on Monday and headteacher Susan Foster Jackson Abraham commented on opening day that it was a “wonderful” occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Abraham noted that the library’s opening is part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the school and the library is the benchmark for the school’s literacy program.

She added that as staff and students strive for excellence and the upkeep of the ethos of the school, students are being encouraged to explore the world through books.

“We are grateful to these organisations and the many sponsors and donors out there whose names were not mentioned. Because of you, our children are happy and excited about reading,” said the headteacher.

KPS new library  officially opens
Harriette Linskey of Hands Across the Seas speaking at the opening of the new KPS library, Tom Linskey is at back

Abraham noted that the students now have available to them a facility that is laden with knowledge and the school will utilize the facility to ensure the contribution is not in vain.

Also attending the opening ceremony was Senior Education Officer Yvette Antoine. She thanked Hands Across the Seas for the work they are doing in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as the KPS is not the only school being assisted. “The vast donation of books has allowed many of our schools to open and reopen libraries across St Vincent and the Grenadines thus making our schools more equipped to deal with reading problems that may arise,” said Antoine.

“We must admit that although the government spends a huge amount of our budget on education it is impossible for them to do everything, so we encourage corporate citizens and organisations and individuals to assist the schools, assist the nation’s children, assist our children to be better citizens,” Antoine commented.

Representative of the Mustique Charitable Foundation Dularie Malcolm brought greetings on behalf of the Foundation’s president Nancy Young.

“…A library is going to enable you all to venture out into the world. When you read books, you are going to learn about different cultures, different places, different people. This will help you later in life to think outside the box,” said Malcolm.

Tom and Harriette Linskey of Hands Across the Seas were also at the opening and Harriette said that through the Mustique Charitable Foundation and two other entities, Hands Across the Seas were able to get 1500 new books for the KPS. She noted also that they are hoping to ship more books so students should say what books interest them most.

It was also noted during the ceremony that in an effort to sustain the library, last November, 13 student librarians were trained. Trainer Enna Bullock said that it was “a wonderful privilege” for students to learn about the responsibility of working in the library along with the school’s librarian Nicole Samuel.