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Tribute to Dr Edgar Adams

Tribute to Dr Edgar Adams
Dr Edgar Adams


by: the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture

The Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture joins with the Carnival Development Corporation, the National Cultural Foundation and other cultural friends to extend deepest condolences to the Adam’s Family on the passing of Dr Edgar ‘Doc’ Adams, a cultural stalwart who passed away on February 13, 2019.

Doc’s friendly ways and constructive queries facilitated the creation and improvement of many works of art. Over the years, he provided support in a moral and financial way to a number of artists from many disciplines.

Dr Adams made an indelible mark on our nation, this was evident by the significant number of stories he told about the communities and the numerous recordings he produced about the history of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Additionally, he was a custodian of significant collections of local writings, including unpublished works of several local poets. Dr Adams contributed significantly as a businessman and owner of ‘The Fishnet’ restaurant. His restaurant has been known for providing wonderful food for the body and ‘abstract food’ to feed the mind. Notably, parts of the “Volcano Suite” were penned by his good friend Shake Keane while Shake sat at his establishment. Vincentian Jazz piano player, Monk Waldron was another artist who frequented and composed in that space.

Dr Adams managed a souvenirs enterprise that sold books by local authors and books about St Vincent and the Grenadines written by anyone, along with other sale items such as clothes, postcards, key-rings and more.

He will be missed by many including the constant line of students who sought his knowledge, the cultural practitioners who sought his counsel, and the many friends who sought his company and most heartrendingly by his family.