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Thoughts On the Passing of Dr Edgar Adams

Thoughts On the Passing of Dr Edgar Adams
The late Dr Edgar Adams


by Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds

I must first extend deepest condolences to the Adams Family on the passing of cultural stalwart Dr. Edgar Adams, on February 13, 2019. Because of my work with the Department of Culture, it would be appropriate to acknowledge Doc’s passing from the context of the Carnival Development Corporation, the National Cultural Foundation, the Department of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture and many cultural friends.

As an adult I was privileged to be able to call Doc my friend. And to feel mentored by him. I first encountered him in the context of the “Fish Net”. But though I was an older teen I was too young to appreciate the history being formed in that space in those days. He was just my father’s friend to whom I was polite. As I grew to be a young man active with Naked Roots and learning the culture and history of SVG I renewed my acquaintance with Doc and there blossomed a relationship for which I will forever be most grateful. Doc had an insightful and keen mind, sharp to the end of his days. A most tickling sense of humour and a gentle friendly way.

Everyone will speak of the vast store of knowledge he held on Vincentian history. But how did they come to know that? Because he freely gave of this store to all who cared to received. In his telling of many stories, I grew appreciative of the importance of SVG to the Kalinago and Garifuna peoples. Through those stories, he strengthened my love of SVG and helped me stay focused and convinced that all citizens should be told that SVG had importance then and still has now. We have great history and we continue to contribute to Caribbean Civilization.

Doc’s last business was in a shop at the cruise ship terminal. It was a combination of bookshop, and souvenirs, and some persons may know that the Department of Culture had offices at the terminal. That led to many opportunities for conversing with Doc. The result was that we both benefited from the questions that were traded back and forth. “Linking the Golden Anchor with the Silver Chain” was his first book and in asking about it, I came to understand better the space where the Cruise Terminal is built. Quarry is the boat builders yard and many a sail ship of yesteryear was built there. I saw many of his manuscripts or parts there of, before he finished writing and in my asking about aspects of what was being written, clarifications or additions were made. He shared about his life in England as a student and about the need for students to stay committed and disciplined so as to succeed. Doc was always teaching and seeking that those around him were making their best effort to achieve their goals and at the same time serve the nation.

If we would honour Doc Adams we have to keep giving of our best efforts of work and simultaneously keep striving to live the Golden Rule.