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New Montrose man found dead at his home

New Montrose man  found dead at his home


George Arnott Bertram Cato, a well-known character in the New Montrose area was discovered dead at his home last Friday.

George’s partially decomposed body was found at his home after neighbours complained of a strong smell coming from his humble abode.

New Montrose man  found dead at his home
Inside the house where George Cato was found

Kahlil Cato, George’s nephew told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that an autopsy is expected to be carried out on the body today, Tuesday, February 19, and information about his burial would be given once the official procedures are concluded.

“He was close to his family notwithstanding any issues he might have had with substance abuse,” said Kahlil.

Chalis Porter, one of the George’s close friends said on Monday that New Montrose will be worse off without George.

He said that while the dead man was a bit troublesome, he was well liked and would do odd jobs for residents, while acting as a sort of security guard for the area.

George would have been 61 on June 25 this year. He suffered from epileptic seizures and Porter said George’s health issues were made worse by his excessive drinking.