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CRC meets to discuss the eradication of cannabis farms

CRC meets to discuss the  eradication of cannabis farms


A delegation from the Cannabis Revival Committee (CRC) met earlier this week with the police to discuss the continued eradication of cannabis farms following the passage of the enactment of the Medical Cannabis and Amnesty Acts.

The Cannabis laws were enacted on December 10, 2018.

The delegation, which met with Commissioner of Police Colin John, was led by Junior ‘Spirit’ Cottle and included secretary Victor Mwata Byron.

A release from the CRC said It was acknowledged by both the members of the CRC and the police that although these laws have been passed, eradication of marijuana still falls within the ambit of the law until after they are pronounced and gazetted.

“It was also equally recognized that it makes sense as a matter of policy to exercise some level of tolerance if the Amnesty is to serve its purpose,” the release from the CRC said.

According to the release, the Commissioner reiterated his strong support for law and order, but he also recognized the need for tolerance at this particular stage to facilitate the transition from an illicit to a legal form of alternative livelihood.

The release said for this reason, a decision was taken to return the agricultural tools and equipment seized from these farms by the police, to their respective owners, through the CRC, since some growers fear that they may be arrested and charged.

The CRC in the release thanked Commissioner Colin John for meeting with the delegation and acting so expeditiously in the matter.