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Belle Isle Correctional Facility to start using bio-gas

Belle Isle Correctional Facility to start using bio-gas
WORKERS WORKING on the bio-gas digester systems


The Belle Isle Correctional Facility is the beneficiary of a five cubic metre bio-gas digester system, which will provide the facility with methane gas for cooking and will result in cost savings garnered through reduced purchases of LPG.

The bio-gas digester is a simple technology that utilises anaerobic bacteria to transform the organic matter into bio-gas that can be used as fuel. The system demonstrates sustainability though waste to energy production.

Eleven individuals consisting of inmates, prison officers, agricultural extension officers and private farm owners received theoretical and practical training on the technology.

The installation exercise extended over several weeks and was fully constructed by the inmates and officers of the Belle Isle Correctional Facility under the guidance of an experienced biogas technician.

In addition to the environmental, and economic advantages of the system, the training activity has also produced social benefits through its contribution to the reformation efforts at the facility
This activity was an initiative of the Promoting Access to Clean Energy Services (PACES) in St Vincent and the Grenadines – a climate change mitigation and renewable energy (RE) project that is executed by the Energy Unit of the Ministry of National Security, Air and Sea Port Development. The project has implemented a myriad of activities in the areas of policy review, demonstration of renewable energy technologies as well as capacity building in the energy sector.