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Book about life in St Vincent ‘Before’ on sale

Book about  life in St Vincent ‘Before’ on sale
cover of Esau R Andrews’ book - “Before - The tale of a boy growing up in Hairouna”


A book which describes life in St Vincent in a bygone era is now available for sale.

“Before – The tale of a boy growing up in Hairouna,” was written and illustrated by Esau R Andrews, a Vincentian residing in Tortola.

“What is written is mainly of the way of life, my life, in Hairouna, during my childhood. I am certain, however, that these words are not restricted to just this Island as most of us people of the Caribbean shared similar lifestyles. The way I look at it, we were all brought to the Caribbean from the same place, it’s just that we were scattered throughout the islands,” a release from Andrews said.

“The memories and life of that time are fading quickly and this book makes an attempt to keep that memory alive in the face of the changes and difficulties we face in the new Technological Age. In my opinion these changes have caused us to lose a lot more than we thought we would gain. Community spirit, discipline, togetherness, and moral values are now things of the past.

“I do not attempt to write as a scholar or as a historian, for I am neither of them. I write what I have lived and witnessed, also what those who were responsible for by upbringing and education conveyed to me. What is written are not stories, but rather true accounts of a time I refer to as Before Now or simply Before,” Andrews said.

“My hand drawn illustrations are inserted selectively to bring life to the time and hopefully spark a flame in you that yearn for such a time again.”

Andrews, who served as a member of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force from May 2000 to July 2012, also did the artwork on the cover.

“Before” is available on Amazon as paperback and as an Ecopy.