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North Union Secondary School Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

North Union Secondary School Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
STUDENTS OF the North Union Secondary School gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary


THE NORTH Union Secondary School today celebrated its 40th anniversary on Tuesday under the theme, “40 years of existence generations of excellence”.

The school, which has a population of 400 students commenced the celebrations with a church service at the Streams of Power Church and continued with the unveiling of a banner and a tree planting ceremony on Tuesday, January 8.

Teacher at the school and Chairperson of the 40th anniversary committee, Rosemarie Ryan-King said plans to commemorate this milestone include: a 40 leg relay on January 18 with each leg being represented by a student from each year; the renaming of the houses to current and past principals, (Henry,

Morris, Williams and DaSantos); a t-shirt day on February 1 (both past and present students); a panel discussion on March 13, a fundraising activity on April 5, and role reversal on April 22. A mentorship programme for males will also be launched on April 22 with a Village Day on July 4 among other activities.

Meantime, Principal of the North Union Secondary School, St Clair DaSantos expressed his elation and pride on the school’s accomplishment, noting that over the years the school has been known for its public speaking achievements among other positive attributes.