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Message for International Human Rights Day by SVG Human Rights Association


Yesterday, December 10 was commemorated the world over as International Human Rights day; a day when Human Rights activists plan, design and implement strategic activities/programmes in celebration of this memorable day.

It was on December 10 1948 that the United Nations General Assembly adopted and declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the first declaration about the rights and freedoms of individuals the world over and the most widely translated UN treaty.

In St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Human Rights Association continues to echo the need for equal justice and Human Rights dignity as enshrined in its Mission and Vision and that is why this year and 2019, its focus is on education for the abolition of the death penalty in collaboration with Marion House and the Network of NGOs.

Although as citizens we are more aware of our Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, we MUST recognize that with these rights come responsibilities and obligations. But in order to ensure that ALL Vincentians are educated about their basic rights, the issue MUST be taught in schools as a means of instilling in our Youths the desire and need to respect the inherent dignity and worth of each and every Vincentian.

Recently, we have witnessed a high incidence of crime and violence involving Youths as perpetrators and Victims, with many tragic results. While our country ratified the UN convention on the rights of the Child since 1993, we are still concerned about the manner in which our children/Youths are treated when they come into conflict with the law – no functioning and relevant facility exists; a wholly untenable situation.

As Vincentians commemorate the 70th anniversary of the materialization of Universal Human Rights, referred to as International Human Rights Day, let us resolve to promote the rights of our citizens, thereby ensuring a VIOLENCE FREE society.