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Artiste pushes back against criticisms of his parang

Artiste pushes back against criticisms of his parang
SAMRON “101 STUNNA” Guy, the writer of the parang ‘Turkey


The opinion of Michael Peters, Chairman of the National Nine Mornings Committee that some of the local parang songs are vulgar has received a response from a writer of one of these songs.

Samron “101 Stunna” Guy, the writer of the parang ‘Turkey’, says he sees nothing wrong with his song.

Part of Guy’s 2018 parang goes, “Bone in she turkey, bone in she turkey, bone in she turkey tonight, you think yo bright, yo turkey tight, hey gal ah boning yo turkey fuh spite…”

Guy, in a recent interview said he was inspired to write the song after he noticed that a female friend of his only cooked turkey.

“A friend I use to go buy always cook turkey and love turkey, turkey and yam, turkey and breadfruit, potato and turkey, dumpling and turkey, so I tell myself I going write a song about this turkey and it blow up,” explained Guy who added that he did not set out for the song to be regarded as vulgar as it is just a fun song.

He said initially, the song was written as a Soca, but he and Mark Cyrus of Master Room Studios decided to make it into a parang to celebrate the season.

“We got a good response and people loving the tune,” stressed Guy who added that his song is also supported by his manager Carlson “D’Termine” Hannaway of “D’Termine Nation” records.

Peters told SEARCHLIGHT recently that many Soca artistes, Calypsonians and other singers are making the transition from Carnival to Christmas with their music, but they are not leaving Carnival behind.

“So, a lot of songs they are singing are more carnival songs with just maybe the words Christmas or Nine Mornings in it, so a lot of it does not capture the essence of the season or the flavour of the festival,” Peters opined.

He added that several of the 2018 songs will not make it onto the Nine Mornings stage. His comments were met with harsh criticism on social media.

Commenting also, Hannaway said in his opinion, ‘Turkey’ is a witty song and people eat turkey at Christmas.

“…And you take off the meat off the bone; you bone the turkey and I ain’t see nothing vulgar with that,” said Hannaway who conceded that some people may see it as vulgar and that is not something they can change.

Popular parang artistes include Rondy “Luta” McIntosh, Carlton “CP” Hall, Shaunelle McKenzie, Delroy “Fireman” Hooper and the Bowmans.