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Vincentian author holds signing for her third novel

Vincentian author holds signing for her third novel
Author N.C. Marks (right) autographing a copy of her new book at the book launch on Wednesday


The newest Vincentian novel, ‘Plastered in Pretty’ by N.C. Marks, was launched at the Curator’s House at the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday, by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

Plastered in Pretty is “…as contemporary as one can ever be,” said journalist Dexter Rose, one of the reviewers at the book launch of about 100 guests.

“The author’s style is riveting, direct, satirical and bordering on tragi-comedy as she reflects on the life of a young female who just must have it all,” Rose said.

“You are placed in Kingstown, SVG, or it could well be in Castries or Bridgetown as you are faced with this sad tale of survival of a young woman who like so many, lives in a plastic world where security, self esteem is ensured, plastered in pretty.”

English teacher, Adriana King, who also reviewed the 120-page book, said “Natasha has managed to create a female protagonist who throughout the novella remains nameless. She is simply referred to as ‘She’. She is therefore no one and yet she is everyone.”

“She is surrounded by thousands of friends; a single photo can receive 300 likes in a minute, but in times of sorrow, only 10 faces would actually show up,” King said, adding that there are many lessons to be learned from what she described as the “bizarre and sometimes ludicrous situations” in the book. “You will find yourself nodding in agreement when she justifies some of her risque behaviour. You will at times cry with her or perhaps chuckle at her folly,” King said.

It was also announced at Wednesday’s launch that ‘Plastered in Pretty’ has been selected as a new “SPD Recommends” book in the USA ( The Small Press Distribution (SPD) is a leading USA distributor of books which selects the competitive “recommends” list of new titles monthly.

This is N C Marks’ third novel, the other two being ‘When Silence Speaks’ (2011) and Memoirs of a Teacher (2012).

Wednesday’s launch was hosted by Laverne Velox who also gave a review. Remarks were made by a representative of publishers HNP, as well as congratulatory remarks from Shari Marks, daughter of the author; LaToya De Roche John, Silvannus Francis and Michelle Beache.

There was an interlude of music by Saeed Bowman.

Plastered in Pretty by N.C. Marks is available at (; Gaymes Book Centre and Amazon. N.C. Marks is a University of London alumna and teaches geography at St Vincent Girls’ High School.