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Poshelle launches ‘Sativa’ fashion collection

Poshelle launches ‘Sativa’ fashion collection
One of the dresses from Poshelle’s new collection, Sativa


On November 28, just around 8:00pm Poshelle launched their new collection, “Sativa”. They did so with the release of a short film entitled “Sativa: The Holy Herb”.

The film depicts the stirring imagery of the marijuana plant, “the holy herb”, amidst mesmerizing visuals of new fashion pieces and a short ode to the regal history of the plant. The film was written and directed by Calvert Jones, Maria “Monet” Joyette and Lisa Cordice.

Lisa is the designer behind the brand. The inspiration for the collection came from her drawing the parallel between “the marijuana high”, more so its psychoactive properties, and the entrancing
nature of the sequined fabrics that are featured in this collection.

The collection features dazzling cocktail dresses, casually chic pieces and other signature Poshelle styles.

The collection was first launched on Saturday, December 1 at Haus Of Poshelle in Kingstown,St. Vincent. The second launch took place on Sunday, December 2 in Port of Spain, Trinidad,at Yvonne Clarke’s new boutique, “The Style Affair by Yvee”. Yvonne is Trinidad’s 2017 Miss Universe winner. Sativa will also be launched mid-December on the new website.

The short film can be watched on Poshelle’s website (, or on theirFacebook or YouTube page.

Poshelle is a fashion design company based in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, offering design, clothing and styling. The brand was brought to life in 2009 by Vincentian artist and designer, Lisa Cordice; she has since nurtured the brand to one that’s recognized for it’s originality, and staying ahead of the fashion trends.