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Sector Skills Development Agency launches new website

Sector Skills Development Agency launches new website
(left)Nicola Sparks-Browne, a staff member at the National Qualifications Department & (Right) Kenroy Questelles, the director of the National Qualifications Department


The National Qualifications Department has moved to increase access to its services and programmes through the launch of a brand new website.

The sector skills development agency (SSDA) website was launched during a small ceremony on November 21 at Frenches House.

And Kenroy Questelles, the director of the National Qualifications Department has hailed the launch as an accomplishment for the department.

“This website is very significant. As you know, one of the areas that we have been chanting about is we need to promote more, we need to market TVET (Technical and Vocational Education Training) more and so we have to use the technology in order to market this very precious commodity that we have to develop our workforce,” he said.

Questelles said many people still view TVET as being “for hands and not for head” and that the website was partly born out of this view.

He added that the specific education sector has several different levels that persons may access. The director further noted that TVET qualifications compare to the national qualifications framework.

Questelles also said the website will serve to forge a faster communication link with stakeholders.

And he hoped that persons would utilise the website and give feedback to make it even more developed.

The website, which may be accessed via, features seven major headings: Home, Programmes, Institutes, Downloads, About Us, News and Information and Contact Us.

“You will be able to see a number of photos showcasing a number of programmes offered throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. So a click will allow you to scroll through to see many of our programme offerings. This is throughout all the institutions, our four technical institutes as well as the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Technical and Vocational Education,” said Nicola Sparks-Browne, a staff member at the National Qualifications Department as she gave a demonstration of how the website works.

Sparks-Browne added that anyone who requires information about TVET training, assessment and certification will be able to fill in the information on the website and get a response from the department.

Clicking on a programme will also provide information on the courses involved and where that programme is being administered.

Application forms are also available for download and may be returned to the department by hand or via e-mail.

Morine Williams, the permanent secretary in the ministry of education, said that TVET has been receiving greater focus from the ministry and by extension, the government.

“This is so important as we move further to provide a range of technical and vocational education training to support our human resource development capacity…”Williams said. “This launch today forms part of TVET promotional strategy…which is part of a larger project called the TVET development project, funded by the CDB (Caribbean Development Bank).”

She said the project also includes retrofitting some of technical institutes to better provide for the training and various consultancies in a number of areas and looking at how to provide access to the institutes.

There are four TVET institutes in St Vincent and the Grenadines and they are located in Barrouallie, Campden Park, Kingstown and Georgetown.