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Over 100 Public Servants receive certificates

Over 100 Public Servants receive certificates
Left to Right : Shericha Sutton Valedictorian 2018 , Dinnet Peters - Valedictorian 2017,Debra Hooper-Harper - Valedictorian 2015


Three batches with a total of 113 public servants received certificates of completion after successfully completing the Public Service Development programme 2015 – 2018.

The closing ceremony for the programme was held at the National Insurance Conference Room on Friday, November 23 under the theme: “Reach for the stars while serving from the heart.” The programme lasted six months and covered a variety of aspects within the public service.

Over 100 Public Servants receive certificates
Cecil Blazer Williams- Chiarman of the Police and Public Service Commissions

Chairman of the Police and Public Service Commissions, Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams delivered the feature address and said, “the mind is a critical factor in determining whether you succeed or whether you refuse to succeed.” The Chairman added that the surest way to fulfilling one’s ambition is to extend and develop one’s knowledge about the work being done.

Williams further noted that the programme is part of the developmental process which one must build on, in pursuit of one’s ambition. He urged public servants to persevere to gain success and encourage graduates to build an environment of love not favouritism.

Acting Chief Personnel Officer Arlene Regisford-Sam said the programme was geared at providing knowledge on the regulations and general functions of the public service and successful participants must at least have a pass mark of seventy per cent. Sam disclosed that the goal is to create a higher level of maturity and strength of character.

The valedictory awards went to Debra Hooper-Harper 2015, Dinnet Peters 2017 and Shericha Sutton 2018. Other outstanding performances recognized were Esworth McKie and Ezekiel Barrow in 2015, Sally-Ann Alexander and Candice Ollivierre in 2017 and Pamela Kirby–Ashton, Donna Bennett, Karlene Samuel, Antonio Richards and Darren Solomon in 2018.