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SMSS past student gives back to school

SMSS past student gives back to school
DR SHAKELL HENSON (third from left), with principal of the St Martin’s Secondary School, Wendell Edwards (fourth from left), member of the school board, Monsignor Michael Stewart (second from left), director of the STEM programme, Petrus Gumbs (third from right) and some students during last Thursday’s handover ceremony of 50 chairs.


The St Martin’s Secondary School, through the generosity of a past student, has received a donation of 50 chairs.

Calvin Clarke, a past student who resides in New York, collaborated with the STEM programme to make the donation to his alma mater.

Petrus Gumbs, founder and director of the STEM programme said that the programme has developed “to such an extent that it is able to give back to the institution that at one point brought it life.”
He said that the donation was made possible partly because of the programme’s development not only nationally but regionally and internationally.

“As we push forward, I am certain that the administration would place this furniture to very good use and I look forward to continue nurturing the relationship between the STEM programme and the St Martin’s Secondary administration,” he said at Thursday’s handover ceremony.

“We are still open to any other organization who see it fit to align themselves with either of these institutions to continue the development and empowerment of youths and of our nation as we proceed.”

Dr Shakel Henson, an assistant professor at a local medical school, gave remarks on behalf of Clarke, who is also her cousin.

Henson said that her cousin, who is the president of New York based company, Modern Security and Locks Incorporated, was honoured to contribute to the institution that played a role in his success, personal growth and development.

“I would like to take the time to acknowledge the great work of the teachers and staff of the St Martin’s Secondary School as well as teachers and staff of the STEM SVG programme,” she read on behalf of Clarke. “A special thanks to Mr Petrus Gumbs, my old classmate for making this all possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Principal, Wendell Edwards expressed gratitude for the donation. And he said that furniture is always a great need at secondary schools.

He also promised that the furniture would be treated with care.

Monsignor Michael Stewart, a member of the school’s board of directors also thanked Clarke and the STEM directors for the donation.

He also took the opportunity to encourage students at the school to embrace the opportunities available to them and to aim for the highest when attempting to achieve their goals.