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SVGTU pleased with prompt action by authorities at KAS

SVGTU pleased with prompt action by authorities at KAS
Minister of Education St Clair Prince


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) has acknowledged “the prompt response by the authorities to solve some of the problems that were identified at the Kingstown Anglican School (KAS),” last Thursday, October 18.

“Since we highlighted the issues, the National Executive of the SVGTU visited the school to assess the situation and found that: seven new toilets were installed; the damaged electrical outlets were replaced; and the leaking roof was repaired.

“The Executive appreciates that the actions might only be stopgap measures, and look forward to more comprehensive repairs at the school.

We also wish to remind the authorities of similar concerns and other problems at other schools across the country, and would welcome another prompt and expeditious response to address the issues,” a release from the SVGTU said.

The SVGTU thanked the staff of the school for heeding their call to withdraw services last Thursday and advised their members at the KAS to return to work today,Tuesday, October 23.

“…We also recommend that teachers continue to exercise due care to ensure the health and safety of all students under their care, as well as their own health and safety,” the SVGTU said in its release.

The Ministry of Education closed the school last Thursday in the midst of heavy rain, to allow the government time to complete an assessment to ensure that the building is safe. A release from the government said an electrical problem had been discovered.

The school had been scheduled to reopen yesterday, but rain over the weekend slowed down repairs on the roof, Minister of Education St Clair Prince told SEARCHLIGHT.

That same day the Ministry closed the school, the SVGTU advised its teachers to “withdraw their services, with immediate effect, due to deplorable working conditions” at the school.

The release from the SVGTU last week said their decision followed a visit to the school after members of the National Executive were alerted about the conditions at the school.

“On arrival, the conditions at the school were deemed quite hazardous, and as a consequence, jeopardizes the safety of its occupants. Amongst other things are a roof with an extensive leak, water falling on light fixtures and electrical fittings, electric surges, and broken electrical outlets.

“Moreover, the members of staff are very uncomfortable with the structural inadequacies. It gravely affects the teaching and learning process, as well as their psychological well being.

The SVGTU takes its responsibility seriously and will not sacrifice the safety of students, parents, its members or any other occupant of that building,” the release from the SVGTU said last Thursday.