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Local artiste to release multi-genre Album ‘Love Over Hate’

Local artiste  to release  multi-genre  Album ‘Love Over Hate’


Love Over Hate is multi-genre album to be released by Hayden Billingy on Friday, September 28.

The album was inspired by the increase in crime and senseless killings in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Caribbean as a whole, a release from Billingy said.

“It’s a direct derivative of hate and intolerance among our people. There is absolutely no value placed on human lives and respect for persons has decreased drastically. We were commanded to love each other, yet love is overshadowed by hate and empathy by judgement.

“This album highlights the need for us to get back to the basics, where love is the centre of our interactions with our neighbours and those we come into contact with daily,” the release said.
“Cause if our hearts not made of stone why can’t we show our neighbour’s love” is echoed in the title track.

“Love should be our guide and our motivation, while hate should have no place in our reactions to differences of race, religion or opinions” remarked the Orange Hill resident.

“In order to heal our humanity, we must first understand God’s love that prompts us to love each others. Before we judge me must love and then the world will be a better

place, when we show compassion and care for those who are loveless and unlovable. In all that we do and say, we must remember that we must love first, as we seek our first Love.” proffered the love over heat artiste.

The 11 track album epitomizes God’s love and love for humanity and features local Rap artiste GB, Allison Norville from Barbados and Loxton Mitchell from Grenada. The launch will take place at Harvest Bible Chapel, Arnos Vale, on September 28 at 7 pm and features local acts including Andrea Dasilva, GB and EM16. Admission is $20.

Love Over Hate was arranged and produced by St Lucian engineer/producer Meriaha St. Louis and benefited from local musicians, Joshua Anderson, Garfield Lauren, Zan George, Rey Escobar and Javed Jackson, as well as prominent international musician Ronald “Boo” Hinkson. After the launch Hayden travels to Chicago in early October, where he plans to release the album in the USA and also minister at a conference there, then heads to the UK for album release and tour from October 17 to 31.