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Twenty-four Police NCO complete training course

Twenty-four Police NCO complete training course


Twenty-four police officers at the rank of Corporal were awarded certificates last Friday for their successful completion in the non commissioned officers (NCO) training course, which began on Monday, September 3 and was hosted at the Police Training School.

The primary goal of the training course was to re-tool each participant in a number of pertinent policing subject areas including, the roles and responsibilities of Police Officers, care and custody of exhibits, laws of evidence, effective communication, classification of traffic offenses, crime scene investigation and station management, ethics and ethical behaviour in policing and electronic interview.

The facilitators of the course were Assistant Superintendants of Police Trevor Bailey, Hesran Ballantyne and Nigel Butcher. At the closing ceremony the participants expressed how pleased they were with the coordination of the course and praised the instructors for employing creative approaches in their lectures.

ASP Bailey, the course coordinator, said the course comprised of some very solid topics, and reminded them to make use of the tools given to them to assist in the recollection of the information they were exposed to. According to ASP Bailey, junior police officers look to NCO’s for guidance and that NCO’s have the responsibility to provide sound guidance to their subordinates. He also charged the participants to go to their respective stations and provide a different quality of policing to the public.

Course facilitator ASP Ballantyne in his brief remarks expressed how grateful he is to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, for the numerous training opportunities he has received over the years, and conveyed his pleasure in being able to pass on this knowledge, paired with his many years of experience in the organisation. ASP Ballantyne reminded the NCOs that they must ensure that they mentor their subordinates, and lead them in the right direction.