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Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone to be given away after NTRC I2 competition launch


The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) will launch its sixth annual Ideas and Innovation/I2 competition this Thursday September 6 during a live Facebook broadcast.

The live broadcast can be viewed on the ‘NTRC SVG’ page and will be streamed from the conference room of the NTRC located in the National Insurance Services (NIS) building on Upper Bay Street.

The launch will hear from Director of the NTRC Apollo Knights and the NTRC’s Consumer and Public Relations Officer Keisha Gurley.

For the second consecutive year, the competition welcomes participation from members of the public as well as students to present ideas and mobile applications designed to improve the functionality of the various public and private sector entities.

This year’s competition will also be focused on the development of mobile apps and ideas that can facilitate the implementation of new systems or improve existing systems within both the private and public sectors of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The aim of this focus is to improve the efficiency of services and to increase their profits which will contribute to national development.

The first I2 competition was held in 2013 and for the first three years, the competition was focused on ideas and mobile applications for the public sector but the competition has been expanded to include the private sector.

Previously, the competition only accepted entries from secondary and post-secondary students but now, the competition has two categories – an open category and one for secondary school students.

The secondary category will consist of entries for both ideas and mobile applications from students attending secondary schools, whereas, the open category will consist of entries for mobile applications only.

The open category may be entered by any member of the public 35 years old or under and students attending secondary or post-secondary institutions who wish to enter this category.

This year, the registration period runs from September 6 to the 28 while the preliminary judging will take place from October 9 to 11. The finals will be held on November 14.

During the launch on Thursday, a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will be given away. To win, one must join the live launch and listen to the presentations attentively. After the launch, a question based on one of the presentations will be asked. The first person to answer the question correctly by commenting on the live video wins the phone.