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SVG welcomes Taiwanese Changhua Christian Hospital Medical Team

SVG welcomes Taiwanese Changhua Christian Hospital Medical Team


The medical team of the Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) in Taiwan received a warm welcome from the Governor General’s Deputy, Noel Clarke, and Minister of Health Luke Browne, on July 30, 2018.

The team, accompanied by the staff-member of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), was honoured to have an audience with the Governor General’s Deputy. On behalf of the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Governor General’s Deputy extended a warm welcome to the team. The team in turn expressed appreciation for the staunch support that SVG has given to Taiwan, and both parties exchanged views on the mutual beneficial cooperative relationship between SVG and Taiwan.

The medical team then called on the Minister of Health, and was touched by the warmth of minister’s welcome. Dr. Nina Kao, the leader of the team, reviewed the close relations between CCH and Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and stressed that CCH is looking forward to further the collaboration between the two institutions.

Minister Browne emphasized that SVG cherishes the unbreakable bond between Taiwan and SVG. He said that the comprehensive cooperation and exchanges between CCH and MCMH are two of the core components for the continued strengthening of the bilateral relations. Not only does SVG welcome the team to visit again, but also, the government of SVG assures that it supports Taiwan’s bid to the World Health Assembly (WHA).

The team provided medical services and technical assistance at MCMH and Georgetown Medical Complex, from July 30 to August 10. Given this, CCH is convinced that the relationship between CCH and MCMH will be strengthened significantly in future.
The team is scheduled to leave tomorrow, August 11.