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Luke’s Kids Club kicks off 2018 summer programme


Luke’s Kids Club is pleased to announce that this year’s edition of its annual summer programme will start on Monday, August 6, and run until Monday, August 27, under the dual themes “The Legacy of Nelson Mandela” and “Climate Change Matters to Me.” Additionally, the programme will have a component focussing on healthy living, with emphasis on physical activity and diet.
The Programme would include a wide range of fun and educational activities, including, but not limited to:

* Field Trips and Educational Tours to various parts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

* Art and Craft, Performing Arts and Personal Development Sessions

* Lessons about Nelson Mandela, Climate Change and various related subjects

* Movie and Documentary Viewings

* A National Service Camp (popularly called “Boot Camp”)

* Hikes up La Soufrière and through the Vermont Nature Trails

* Physical Activity and Sports Training Periods with coaching experts

* Trips to the Grenadines on Catamarans

* A 4-day Camp in Carriacou

The registration of children for the summer programme started Monday, July 30 and will end today, Friday, August 3.