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VINLEC to launch drive to collect CFL bulbs

VINLEC to launch drive to collect CFL bulbs



VINLEC WILL BE hosting activities to commemorate Environmental Health and Safety Awareness month throughout May to raise public awareness about safety procedures.

At a press conference at VINLEC’s corporate headquarters in Kingstown on Wednesday April 25, Chief Executive Officer Thornley Myers said among the activities, there would be a drive to collect used Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) or energy saving bulbs, which pose serious environmental risks if not disposed of properly.

“Compact Fluorescent Lamps are more efficient than incandescent lamps but they come with their problems. They pose environmental challenges…. We should really avoid putting CFL’s in the garbage. CFLs have mercury. We are going to have a campaign to the public/ homeowners to return their [unused] CFLs to VINLEC,” Myers said.

The chief executive officer also explained that the manner in which broken CFLs are handled is also critical in terms of maintaining ones health. He said the company will be providing safety tips on how to dispose of CFLs safely via radio and television.

He asked persons who have used and unwanted CFLs to place them either in a box or a transparent bag and return them to VINLEC’s headquarters.

The CFL initiative is being carried out in collaboration with Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA), which will use its equipment to safely dispose of the bulbs.

Throughout the month of May, VINLEC will host a series of internal training sessions to heighten awareness among workers about safety measures. The 315 staff members will also be asked to pledge in writing that they will desist, without fear of being reprimanded, from procedures that are hazardous to their well-being and safety.

Myers explained that although VINLEC has strict safety procedures, there have been incidences of injury at work. He said he hoped that the month’s activities would result in more safety conscious employees.

The opening ceremony for the month of activities will be held on Wednesday, May 2, at the VINLEC Cane Hall compound from 4 pm, with Dr Del Hamilton as guest speaker.( CB)

VINLEC CEO Thornley Myers