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NCW gets funding from New Zealand High Commission


The National Council of Women has received funding from The New Zealand High Commission in Barbados to develop and establish the Ottley Hall Home Gardening Project.   

This project seeks to facilitate the empowerment of the women of the Ottley Hall community, many of whom are single or stay-at-home mothers.  The project will encourage and assist the women to get involved in backyard and utensil gardening.

The project, which targets 40 women and 15 men, is intended to promote the attitude and environment for healthy eating; encourage good environmental practices; provide opportunities for income generation and sustainability.    

Today, March 6 and tomorrow, March 7, from 3 p.m., a team from the National Council of Women and the technical team will visit the Ottley Hall community. The team will be visiting the homes of interested residents to ascertain the space available to facilitate the establishment of the garden.

The project activity entails: consulting and liaising with the women of the Ottley Hall community; providing seeds/seedlings, compost soil,topsoil and small gardening utensils and appliances; educating the women on good gardening practices (best practices); facilitating avenues for income generation by creating or seeking a market for produce; encouraging savings and the establishment of a cooperative.

The result indicator for the achievement of objectives are increased consumption of vegetables (home-grown goods) by participants and other beneficiaries on a daily basis and good gardening practices maintained by participants for at least two years after the project implementation.