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End illegal occupation of Guantanamo


A release from the St Vincent and the Grenadines/ Cuba Friendship Society

The St Vincent and the Grenadines/Cuba Friendship Society joins peace-loving peoples, organizations and countries all over the world in once again calling for the illegal occupation of Cuban territory, Guantanamo Bay to be specific, to be brought to an end by the Government of the United States of America, for the withdrawal of its military forces stationed there, and for the closure of the prison camp on that base.

Guantanamo is but one of about 800 US military bases worldwide, but its existence on Cuban soil is in direct contradiction to the will of the Cuban people and Government, who have consistently demanded its closure.

February 23 marks the 115th anniversary since Guantanamo was occupied by US military personnel, ostensibly to “guarantee” Cuba’s independence.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Cuba has been demanding the return of the 45 square mile base and has consistently refused to collect the pittance of a “lease” for the territory. It has taken the matter right to the United Nations and year after year the vast majority of nations in the UN family vote in favour of ending the occupation.

However, the USA steadfastly ignores the democratic will of humanity and not only continues to defy it by continuing to occupy Guantanamo, but has also placed a prison camp there, violating the rights of persons forcibly held and tortured there.

The SVG/CUBA Friendship Society notes and supports the position of CARICOM countries, including our own, in calling for the return of Guantanamo to Cuban sovereignty and appeals to our people and civic organizations to lend their voices to this just cause.

Renwick Rose