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Public Service Union to celebrate 75th Anniversary


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union (SVGPSU) will celebrate its 75th anniversary on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, under the theme “75 years of resilience ~ moving forward as a stronger public service union.”

A release from the SVGPSU said the union is “very grateful” for the rich history created by its past leadership in their approach to the representation of its members.

“Also, the contribution, commitment and the invaluable service members have made towards the organization’s continued existence.

“The Public Service Union has endured many challenges and weathered many storms, but is determined to remain steadfast and resilient,” the release said.

To commemorate the anniversary, the SVGPSU will host a series of activities:

On Sunday, February 18 – A church service at the Kingstown Methodist Church, from 7 a.m; Wednesday, February 21 – An address by President Elroy Boucher on NBC Radio, a ground-breaking ceremony at the PSU building at McKies Hill and a social evening for its members at Frenches House; on Wednesday, February 28, a panel discussion will be held at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.