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Rubis gives back to its customers

Rubis gives back to its customers


Rubis SVG, in their continued efforts to deepen customer relationships, has teamed up with SEARCHLIGHT.

As a result of the collaboration, the first 50 people who purchase $50 or more of Ultra Tec gasoline or diesel fuel at any of Rubis’s gas stations on Tuesdays and Fridays, will get a free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper, up until February 27.

“This collaboration with SEARCHLIGHT is just one of the ways we at Rubis are connecting and deepening our relationship with our customers. We take every opportunity to add further value to the premium products and services our customers enjoy,” said Retail, Commercial and Industrial Account executive at Rubis Elroy Edwards.

He added also that this initiative helps people get up to date with the latest local, regional and international news.

“The pot is always bubbling at Rubis and this is just an initiative to give back to our customers, as we take great pride in delighting our customers and putting a smile on their faces,” said Edwards.

On Tuesday, at the St Vincent Automotive Cooperative Society Gas Station (located on Bentinck Square), teacher Curtis Williams, who received a free Midweek SEARCHLIGHT said that he thinks that the initiative is a good one and that the service at Rubis is always great.

“I have been here for some years; so far so good. I am excited about seeing what is going on in the papers, because this week has been quite controversial with the debates and so on. I did not pick up a paper last Friday, so it is good to have the Tuesday paper, because it is current,” said Williams.

Another customer, Sharon Delpesche of Murray’s Village, said that Rubis’s service is always good and she uses it frequently.

“I think the newspaper promotion is good, because it gives you a paper that offers information,” said Delpesche, who added that she was glad to receive the free SEARCHLIGHT.

Rubis pump attendant Grace Lowmans said that she is elated to be a part of the promotion, as it encourages customers to buy more gas and that is good for business.

This is the third time that Rubis and SEARCHLIGHT are collaborating on this venture.