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Trafficker ordered to compensate farmer for stolen citrus fruit


The vigilance of an ex-police officer saw a trafficker ordered to compensate him $104, while $750 must be paid into the State coffers.

The charges of theft and criminal trespass were brought against Rohan Moore, a 38-year-old trafficker of Prospect.

Standing before magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on January, 15, complainant Bertram Rose, a farmer of Mt Bentick, Georgetown, said that he was at his farmlands at Fulton Mountain in the Rabacca area on November 4, 2017, when the defendant drove up around 5:30 in a white Sunny Nissan car, P389.

Rose, who is a former police officer, said he had never seen Moore before, but used his police instincts and wrote down certain information which included the type, model and number plate of the vehicle and the time of occurrence. When the vehicle returned after turning, the plaintiff asked the defendant for a ride back to the village. The defendant said he was looking for someone.

When Rose returned to his farmlands the next day, he met the said vehicle and while entering his orchard field, saw the defendant and a teenager picking up limes and lemons. The defendant and the teenager ran when they spotted the plaintiff.

Rose, 66, recovered a white sack and a red and black slipper, which were handed over to the police.

A report was made at the Georgetown Police Station, following which officers visited the scene on November 6, at about 7:29 a.m., where a sack containing lemons was retrieved. Moore was subsequently cautioned, arrested and charged.

After listening to the evidence, interrogating the witnesses and seeing the exhibits, magistrate Burnett found the defendant guilty of the offence.

However, before Burnett could order the penalty, prosecutor Delroy Tittle asked the magistrate to consider the redeeming qualities of Moore.

“He has no previous conviction, your Honour and at 38 years of age to have no previous conviction is a plus on his part. He is gainfully employed. I think that he should pay for the goods, unless the court deems otherwise, I cannot overrule the court,” Tittle said.

“I noticed you are mitigating on behalf of him, Burnett responded.

“I am talking on behalf of the court,” Tittle said.

“It is rather strange that you just prosecuted and now mitigated. It was a job well done,” Burnett observed and commended the prosecutor.

Moore was ordered to pay compensation of $104 to the complainant Bertram Rose, which he paid forthwith. He was also fined $750, which he must pay by March 31, or he will go to jail for six months.(GHJ)