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Fraudulent social media accounts created in the name of Sir Louis


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce is cautioning the public to be aware of interactions on social media platforms by anyone claiming to represent Sir Louis Straker.

A release from the Ministry said it has come to the attention of the Government that fraudulent accounts have been created on Instagram and WhatsApp, claiming to belong to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sir Louis Straker.

“Instagram account ‘hon.sirlouisstraker1647’ as well as Gmail and WhatsApp accounts in Sir Louis Straker’s name appear to be the acts of malicious individual or individuals and were not sanctioned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce. Please be advised that the Honourable Sir Louis Straker may be contacted through the Ministry’s official webpage or Facebook page,” the release said.

“Reports have been received that indicate money and financial information have been solicited from unsuspecting persons via these communications. Persons are urged to desist from engaging in these unlawful actions,” the release said.

Anyone with information in relation to this matter is asked to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce at 456-2060 or the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force at 457-1211.